The theme about Heatwave!

Greetings chronicler,

I just want to inform that Redwave is now live! You can try and play the game by going to this link!
Behind the scene: even with 2 weeks of the game jam time limit, only 3 days is what we can call by 'actively engaged with the game development'.  Life suddenly got busier and that was unexpected, out of our control.

The good thing is that we progressively learn to manage complex data inside the game.
Variable, the flexible container that can be anything at all. Which is really useful for RPG that we want to make later on. Game development learning doesn't stop here.

You may be wondering why do I bring this up?! Just want to share, in hope you can learn one thing or two.

That's it for now. See ya!
- Gundriveth of Rechronicle


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Jul 07, 2019

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