The chaotic way to make chess - Chesss Afterthought

Greetings reader!

This one is not working as intended, unplayable! But I made the chess board artwork at least...

What we learn from this project:

  • Grid, 2d array. Looks like 2d array is somewhat connected to grid due to its nature of row/column.
  • Coordinate is everything, especially in this type of game. Once you master the grid, you can even start to create something like FFT.

Things to improve:

  • gameplay, at least make it playable. But the code itself is already a bunch of spaghetti intertwined with each other. Aight, I'm not fixing it this time...

Other than that I discover something extra powerful, let's apply it to the next game project.

What will it be?
Let's find out!

See ya!
- Rechronicle Games


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Oct 19, 2020

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